1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Shake with fine ice until well chilled, turn into a whisky glass and top off with a trace of seltzer, leaving in three teaspoons of the fine ice to keep the chill edge on. BIARRITZ "MONK-BUCK" Something to cause nerves to join and coordinate for that morning– after-and rather chill (we've found) swim which characterizes the Mediterranean when we got there too soon, one spring. Simply throw two and a half jiggers of cognac in a sixteen ounce collins glass already lined with a long spiral peel a la horse's neck. Pack half full of fine ice, fill with the best ginger ale or ginger beer the place affords, float on a couple of tablespoons yellow chartreuse, and let it settle to the bottom. . . . Don't plan on more than one, for a little while.

MORNING GLORY No. I Dry gin, I jigger

Egg, I

Lime, juice, Yz

Green creme de menthe, 2 tsp, or so Shake with cracked ice, serve in a tall cocktail glass with stem.

MORNING GLORY No. II Good rye, or bourbon, r jigger Gomme syrup, 1 tsp Cura~ao, r tsp Cognac, I jigger

Orange bitters or Angostura, 3 dashes Absinthe, 1 tsp

Mixing technique seems torn between stirring in a bar glass with ice, straining into a whisky glass, and adding,a little seltzer topped off with a twisted lemon peel-or stirring in the same bar glass, and turn– ing into an old fashioned glass with a lump of ice, a squirt of club soda, and a twist of peel. . . . Some sa'.ne folk merely shake with ice and a jigger of soda or seltzer. The latter works more suddenly than the more diluted drink.... Absinthe is difficult to recommend to suit others-increase or decrease to taste. Pernod Veritas will do. . 86.

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