1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


MORNING "DOCTOR" Take 1Yz to 2Yz jiggers of good brandy, a trifle over a cup of very fresh milk, and a teaspoon of sugar, and beat the whole business with an egg-beater. OLD PEPPER This is nothing for children to toy with, but for action and plenty of it we report that little is lacking on that score. Good rye, 1 jigger Good bourbon, I jigger Lemon, juice 2/3 Worcestershire, Yz tsp Tabasco, 3 drops Chili sauce, Yz tsp Frappe hard, and serve in any sort of fu~proof glass. PORT ANTONIO PUNCH, from JAMAICA This is a mild and delicious tropical invention which is very easy to make, and which-unlike so many Jamaica drinks-doesn't insist on one hundred per cent rum in its spiritual makeup. Squeeze and strain through a sieve juice of two lemons, one orange Donate a pony of old Jamaica rum, 4 jiggers of cognac Stir in two level tablespoons of brown sugar Two bottles Rhine, or one quart chablis One bottle of iced club soda Sliced fresh fruit du jour Simply ice, shake, and garnish. This is utterly delicious, but be sure and use fresh pineapple slices, not canned-and ripe pineapple at that!

PORTO FLIP From the Army & Navy Club, Manila, P.1., 1931 Port wine, 2 jiggers Egg, fresh essentially, I whole Thick cream, 1 pony Cognac, I pony

Sugar, 2 scant tsp Chartreuse, 1 tsp Grated nutmeg

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