1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


found its way to England across Europe, from the Venetian canals, where it has an enviable record of revivition after the unwise cup on a night before. Champagne fine, which of course is liqueur brandy of great age, 2 jiggers Angostura, Yz tsp Yellow Curairao, r pony Lemon, juice, Yz Orange bitters, Yz pony Shake briskly and strain into any sort of glass best calculated not to fall from our numb and listless clutch. SWISS YODELER, which WE EMPLOYED ONCE at Vn..LA d'EsTE, which Is on LAKE CoMo We always wondered what made those Swiss alpenstock wielders such staunch and hardy fellows, so consider this for a warmer-up of waning flesh. The egg white is heavier than most absinthe cocktails. Egg, whiter Shake well with cracked ice and pour frothing in tall cocktail glass with stem. Absinthe, r jigger Anis, or anisette, r tsp WHITFIELD SMITH'S SUNDAY MORNING COCKTAIL, No. I, & this ONE's a DARB! This is another contribution from Fritz Abildgaard Fenger, and should be served in a 4 oz glass, same as a proper West Indian Swizzle. This makes four drinks. Put 2 fresh egg yolks in 4 oz glass, and fill with ice water. Add one and a half more glasses water, and add a teaspoon of sugar or gomme to taste. To this contribute 4 teaspoons Angostura, swizzle-or shake in shaker to break yolks-and add four ponies of rye or bourbon whisky. . . . In go 2 oz-Yz a cocktail glass-of cream, and a little Creme de Cacao or Benedictine, to taste. Swizzle again and grate nutmeg on top.... If no cream handy, use water.

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