1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


NoTE: Our suggestion would be to omit sugar if any sweet liqueur is used, or it may be too sweet.

SUNDAY MORNING COCKTAIL No. II Cognac, l Yz jiggers Port wine, Yz jigger Black coffee, 2/3 pony

Egg, l whole Sugar, Yz tsp, to taste

Shake and pour in tall cocktail glass with stem.

THE PEKING TIGER'S MILK No. I, from the PRIVATE FILES of M. GERBER, the WAGON-UTS, LEGATION STREET, PEKING This we consider the most amazing milk drink we ever tasted. Its formula-not known to many-and its history are noted on Page 130. TIGER'S MILK No. II This variation was accumulated by us from the Siamese Head Bar– Boy at the Phya-Thai Palace in Bangkok, Siam, in the year 1932, after a trip up-country from the Siamese port of Pak-Nam. Turn to Page l3I. TIGER'S MILK No. III This is a West Indian picker-upper from the Windward side of Jamaica, and dedicated to our friend, gentleman and Rhodes Scholar, Emerson Low, who lived there. Use Jamaica rum & No. II. WORDS to the LIQUID WISE No. XIV, on the EARNEST PLEA for a BIT of OUTDOOR EXERCISE to those HUMAN VICTIMS of the "MORNING-AFTERS" S . I c1ence has just recognized that with the tummy linings well satu- rated with last night's ethyls or methyls, it is best remedied by in– creased natural circulation removing mµch of this condition. There– fore, after any Picker-Upper, let's not lie supine and bewail hard and unj~t fat~, but take a walk, play pingpong-any physic.al activity not mducmg actual death, and no matter how slight or bnef, cannot but help; and is urgently recommended!

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