1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


"PINEAPPLE MILK" or LECHE PREPARADA PIFIA, CoL– LEcTEn in the LoVELY CITY of SAN SALVADOR, CAPITAL of the CENTRAL AMERICAN REPUBLIC BEARING the SAME NAME This is a truly delicious beverage first brought to my attention by a lucky friend who stumbled upon it on a trip we made down the cen– tral American coast, in 1934 in the quite amazingly modern capital of San Salvador. All the ingredients are easily found. Pineapple, sun-ripened until good and soft, juice and pulp, I Vanilla bean, 2 inch long piece; or I tsp extract Good sound liqueur brandy, Yi cup or so; or white Bacardi Milk, 3 cups Sugar, brown, to taste; white will do Pineapple is topped, pared and sliced off core. Then either chopped into small pieces or crushed in a mortar until almost a pulp-saving all the rich juices. Blend everything together, let be for two hours, and serve well chilled and garnished, if in the mood, with incidental slices of orange, pineapple, sprigs of mint, or maraschino cherr:ies. It is a grand hot weather potation, and has been known to cause chronic invalids to take up their-and other-beds and walk. PINK LADY No. I, from MIRAMAR CLUB, out by OLD PANAMA CITY, PANAMA We've sat and swum from Miramar Club seven or eight times on different trips across the Isthmus. The Pink Lady there is enough different from the usual to make it well listable here.

Old Tom gin, I jigger Lemon, juice Yz small; or I lime Orange bitters, 3 to 4 dashes

Sloe gin, I jigger Absinthe, 2f3 tsp

French vermouth, Yz jigger

Beaten egg white, I tbsp Grenadine, I tsp, to taste Half fill shaker with cracked ice, add egg, then the rest. Shake well and serve in goblet. This is a drink of considerable shocking power, and after consumption keep out of the sun, and in touch with friends.

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