1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


as we tried it then, for instead of flowing each layer on carefully out of a teaspoon, we poured direct from bottle-so that any heavier liquid sank at once into the lighter, and mixed results were usual. All memories of that especial evening faded into a tropical after– glow by about eleven o'clock, when Chidsey the Dodge agent tells us he came over hoping for a spot of stud poker, and found the two of us, heads bloody and almost bowed, still muttering and mixing with exaggerated care more and bigger pousse cafes, while a brace of Mohammedan bearers peered at us through doorways, and marvelled at the madness and triviality of certain white Sahibs who would thus procure child's size glasses into which they continued to pour the same pretty coloured liquids. Recalling this in Havana last month, we made it a point to collect types from the best cantinas and fancy tourist bars, to see if there might be anything new in the routine. We found a couple of fancies, which appear below, each in its proper place, and now turn the whole busi– ness over to readers, depending on their judgment and decorum to the last. FIRST A BRIEF COMPANY of SIX ANGELS Aunt Belladonna Fittich may blink a bit at this short list, but when things have been going on as long as this "angel" business it belongs to history, whether or no. We have our own personal idea, not con– venient to mention, of just why angels were born; but be that as it may, full many a lusty swain has screwed up his courage to the stick– ing point and proposed honourable marriage to the maid of his choice while either-or both-were being swayed by the gentle caress of an " l" Th ange · · . . ey are too sweet for serious consumption, and all end up with a nominal amount of thick cream_..:.whipped, or from the bottle. Ladies and gentlemen we give yo~: The Angels. ANGEL'S BLUSH Pour in Y4 each of the following: Maraschino, Creme Yvette, Bene– dictine, thick cream.

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