1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


ANGEL'S CHERRY, a NoMrNAL RISK WE MET SuccESSFULLY in MENTONE, near the ITALIAN BoRDER, on a SPRING DAY in 1932 This addition, whose title meaning is debatable, is a newcomer to the fold. Those of us who take the trouble can find Damiana in any decent wine merchant's shop, and a perusal of the label illustration alone should be worth the price of admission. . . . Pour la Patrie! . .. Needless to say Damiana is alleged to possess certain properties which wise men have sought for many centuries, with greater or less result-mostly less. . . . Benedictine, Damiana, and cognac, 1/3 each. Top off with a tablespoon of thick cream, center with the largest and reddest cherry the neighbourhood affords, and be about our business.

ANGEL'S DREAM Omit the Benedictine, and use 1/3 each Damiana, Creme Yvette, cognac and heavy cream.

ANGEL'S KISS This heavenly, and hypothetical osculation has scant value as an his- torical beverage here or abroad, but as long as we are going in for items of more or less serious nonsense, it shall not pass. Float in, and on, 1/5 each of the following: Damiana, Parfaite Amour, yellow chartreuse, Benedictine, cognac, and beaten egg white. On this is superimposed a layer of thick cream, and on it ginger, clove, or nutmeg-a slight pinch-depending on the perquisites of the occasion. ANGEL'S TIT, No. I, BEING the ORIGINAL FORMULA First encountered on one of those Canadian week-ends at Niagara on the Lake when many nice people seemed to forsake these United States seeking oasis for reasons of their own, during prohibition. Maraschino, % Whipped cream, ~ Garnish with scarlet cherry in location diametrically exact. . 95 .

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