1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


ANGEL'S TIT, No. II A Parisian indication of chancey origin, but of definite value. Damiana, or Parfoite Amour,% Cognac, Y4 Whipped cream about Y4" on top A similar cherry, accurately teed up in traditional style. PARIS' ARC-en-CIEL-the WoRLD-FAMous RAINBOW This is probably the most famous pousse cafe ever conceived, and is not only beautiful but logical-as it takes the whole seven colours of the spectrum and places them before you in all their jewel colours to be sipped pensively out of a glass, one layer at a time, and experi– encing the gamut of seven delicious tastes. Simply spoon in one– seventh each of the following: Creme de violette, creme de cassis, maraschino, green creme de menthe, yellow chartreuse, CuraCi=ao, cherry or other red coloured brandy. TEN MORE which ARE NOT CALLED ANGELS EVE'S GARDEN, from a FOL/ES BERG°kRE ENTR'ACTE, in a not-too-DISTANT SPRING, in PARIS One third each Damiana, Creme Yvette, and dry apricot brandy– all finished off with a spoonful of thick cream and a green cherry in center. . . . Cognac is also indicated for the apricot, and to our thought is much better, as the drink is sweet enough anyway.... This sort of thing only goes to show what grown men will do to keep from de– voting their time to something constructive in life.

FRENCH TRI-COLOUR One third each of: Grenadine, maraschino, Creme Yvette.

, THE JERSEY LILY, which INCIDENT~LLY, CAME from FRANCE Into the usual cordial or pousse cafe glass pour in half a jigger green chartreuse, then with a spoon float half jigger cognac, finally ten drops of angostura or other, preferred, bitters. First the bitter, then the

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