1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


strong, then the pungently sweet-that is the order of drinking tastes. Something like the Dominica Topet, already noted in proper order.

L'AMOUR TOU/OURS, BEING Nor PRECISELY a POUSSE CAFE, but rather a POUSSE l'AMOUR Build layers as follows, and very carefully: r/3 maraschino, egg yolk, r/3 Benedictine, r/3 cognac. Build this one in the conventional sherry glass. Et bon chance, mes garfons! LIQUID SYMPHONY Into a wine glass of shaved ice add the following in order men– tioned: Creme de rose, yellow chartreuse, creme de menthe, and finally some well-aged brandy. Garnish with two red cherries on top. LOUIS MARTIN'S FAMOUS POUSSE CAFE No. I Take a large cordial glass, with stem, and mix in order given the following amounts and types: In the old days Louis Martin's was New York's premier night spot. As we recall it Vernon and Irene Castle started there, as well as being the rendezvous for important folk of all sorts. LUNE de MIEL, which of CoURSE MEANS "HoNEYMOON," HAs al– ready BEEN Nornn on PAGE 49 POLSKI POUSSE CAFE, STilAIGHT from the PousH CoRRIDoR, and the SuPPOSEDLY FREE CITY of DANZIG at !Ts END Into a sherry glass put a quarter of chartreuse, the yolk of a smallish egg, and fill to the brim with Dantziger Goldwasser, that amazing liqueur in which tiny bits of pure gold leaf arise and sail gracefully about each time the bottle is agitated. . . . This drink is to be held up, . 97 . Yellow curacrao, about ~ full Kirsch, same thickness layer Green chartreuse, a little thinner than the others Yellow curacrao, enough to fill glass

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