1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


studied, and taken in one or three gulps-the latter preferred, so the cura~ao can seal with its sweet and citric kiss all hint of egg.

HAVANA RAINBOW PLUS Another of Sloppy Joe's specialties, and although the colour se– q1,1ence isn't too scientific, the reaction upon guests is guaranteed true to form. One-seventh each of: Grenadine, anisette, Parfaite Amour, green creme de menthe, yellow cura~ao, yellow chartreuse, Jamaica rum. . . . Serve with rum flaming, and make peace with thy neighbour! LA ZARAGOZANA'S NE PLUS ULTRA, Noun in HAVANA, FEBRUARY 24th, 1937 This restaurant, frequented mostly by wiser Cubans is one of Ha– vana's leading places for seafood, and especially Morro Crab, see Pages 67 and 68, Volume I. It hasn't the atmosphere of some of the older spots, but amigos, what red snapper, what langostas, what sau– mon-the Habaiiero name for the rare, delicious, mackerel-like ocean runner, "salmon." Apricot brandy, benedictine, chartreuse, cointreau, cognac, and creme de cacao-1/ 6 each.... Then a dash of anis del mono, or any good anisette. Frappe quickly and serve promptly.... A really deli– cious blend. Anis del Mono, or "anis of the monkey's head" is a spe– cially good and dry Spanish anis, their favourite morning eye-opener. THE POMPIER HIGHBALL, a FRENCH CoNcEssroN SOMETIMES CALLED VERMOUTH CASSIS-the LATTER BEING the JmcE of CURRANTS Sitting under awning at any Parisian sidewalk cafe we can see all sorts and conditions of men seated at small round m~tal tables, and drinking various things for all sorts of reasons. ';['he average French– man is a funny chap who confines his plain and .fancy drinking to 3 grooves, 2 of which are the eternal wine with meals, and to stimulate hunger. · · . This Pompier Highball falls into the latter 'class, and besides all this it is very cooling and refreshing, has a sharp tangy

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