1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


THE EXOTIC DRINKING BOOK taste due to the herbs and simples in the vermouth. Take Yz jigger French dry vermouth and the same of creme de cassis. Put in a couple of lumps of ice and fill the glass with club soda or seltzer. Serve in a tall thin glass and only fill % full, please. THE HABANA PRES/DENTE, now KNOWN to MANY, but SouND ENOUGH in ITs OWN RIGHT for LISTING in any SPIRITUAL VoLUME This has long been one of Cuba's favourite drinks and every visit– ing Americana should go to La Florida and get one from head– quarters. The mix is simple and satisfying.... Just put I pony each of Bacardi Gold Seal, and dry French vermouth, into a bar glass with cracked ice. Donate 1 tsp grenadine and the same of curas;ao. Stir and serve in a Manhattan glass with a scarlet cherry for g~rnish. Finally twist a curl of yellow orange peel over the top so that the oil strikes the surface of the drink, then drop the peel in.... Sloppy Joe's own Special is merely the Presidente with the juice of a small lime added, and the twist of lime peel handled as above. · RITUAL of the PUNCH BOWL This inheritance from the Orient and Europe-and especially from old England-is probably interwoven with more tradition than any other form of drinking. From those grand days when landlords really did fill the flowing bowl, before and after riding to hounds, on feast and saints' days, or holy days; at weddings, births, yes and even death -the cheering and soothing bowl was all part of the affair. Oddly the word itself is another Oriental derivation like "toddy," and comes from the Hindustani panch, meaning five, and indicating the number of ingredients employed by the wily Hindu: Toddy or arrack, lemon or lime, tea, sugar and water. Anglicized, it is literally any drink made of rum, whisky, brandy, wine or other liquor, in combination with water, fruit juice, and sugar -or of fruit juices and the rest without any spirits at all-and properly served, either very hot or well iced, from a larger or smaller bowl, into cups or glasses.

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