1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


the snow to lace a pink satin corset on the front of General Sherman's statue at the Plaza? Does anyone dream that raspberry vinegar could produce a triumph like that? We also doubt if any lemonade social ever afforded a thrill like the moonlit night in Ceylon when we went to a Hollander friend's beach bungalow out beyond Galle Face, where we swam in the blood-warm Indian Ocean and drank enough of his Flying Fish cocktails to do, and lay on the cool sand and listened to Tauber sing Dein lst Mein Ganzes Herz on the gramophone. Then when we swam again we slipped out of our suits to make the water feel better, and finally, when it was very late indeed, we dressed and said goodnight and vowed eternal friendship to our host; then for precisely no reason at all dis– missed our waiting carriage with a flourish of gross overpayment and walked all the way back in our evening clothes through a new quiet rain to the jetties and the motor launch, just in time to prevent one of our best American cruising friends from consummating bribery of the Quartermaster on the good ship RESOLUTE into letting him hoist a purchased baby girl elephant-whom he said was Edith, and over whom he politely held a Burmese parasol of scarlet oiled silk-from a hired barge onto the forward cargo hatch in a sling! Then again why should we go starry eyed and clasp a tin dipper of birch beer to our bosom in preference to a blend of Holland gin and fresh lime juice and fine ice and Angostura that we christened Death in the Gulf Stream when Carlos the Cubano head gaffer freshened them for us while fishing giant tuna off Cat Cay with Ernest Heming– way on PILAR? We also doubt what intercourse with strawberry sodas could hope to match another dawn in China, before undeclared wars were stylish and the White Russian princesses were still young in Shanghai; a dawn when we stood with a China-born American comrade on the bridge over the Whangpoo by the Bolsheviki Legation, both of us mellow as casks on Cossack Punches, and through his knowledge of dialect we carried on a flowery and mutually instructive conversation with some Son of Heaven who has just risen from the matting shelter • xvi.

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