1946 Around the World with Jigger Beaker & Flask by Charles H Baker Jr


tsp of sugar; shake with lots of cracked ice and serve in a Manhattan glass. This is a slow creeper-upper, so prend garde!

THE ASTOR HOTEL SPECIAL, from SHANGHAI, during a TRJP around the WoRLD in the YEAR 1926, & on the OccAsION of OUR BE– COMING MAROONED in that CITY, with OuR OWN SHIP & PERSONAL BE– LONGINGS GoNE on to HoNGKONG, & with a DELIGHTFUL YouNG MAIDEN by WHOM WE WERE LATER REJECTED in MARRIAGE, & WHO LATER DISTINGUISHED HERSELF by EsPousING a VERY N1cE GENTLEMAN WHOSE MAIN CLAIM to FAME Is that HE WAs once KrnNAPED by KARP1s prior to the LATTER's ENTERrNG His SUITE in A.LcA TRAZ That whole trip around the world was the fault of GRS stock be– cause it went up over 200 points before we sold; and our epidemic of missing steamboats began in Shanghai and was the fault of this very blend-sitting in the charming old Astor, with fog setting in, and a big party given out at the Majestic if we'd stay. The formula is noted directly from the Astor's Number I Chino mixer. Cognac, 1 jigger Absinthe, Yz jigger Maraschino, 1 tsp Lemon juice, strained, Yz tsp Egg white, 2 tsp Club soda Shake well with cracked ice, strain into a tall wine goblet, then top off with just a little chilled soda. THREE VERSIONS of ATHOL BROSE, an Onn Scorr1sH INSTI– TUTION which, LIKE MANY THINGS Scorr1sH, Is FouNDED on MIGHTY Goon REASON, & Is GUARANTEED to PROFIT !Ts UsER ATHOL BROSE No. I This potation, like our favourite cordial, Drambuie, was coined far up in the misty Rieland country where two-fisted Scottish swords– men swung two-handed claymores for Bonnie Prince Charlie, Mary q' Scotland, or their own feudal Laird. It is the traditional drink with that weird meat lusty, the Scotch Haggis. We personally prefer Athol Brose served hot on wintry nights, although this is not following

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