1946 Around the World with Jigger Beaker & Flask by Charles H Baker Jr


grenadine for colour. Shake hard and serve in a tall cocktail glass with stem.

THE BAGUIO SKIN, being a VERY SIMPLE yet VERY UNUSUAL Exonc from OUR BEAUTIFUL HILL STATION away up in the fooRoTE COUNTRY among the HIGH MouNTAINS of LuzoN Baguio happens to be the world's first and only planned hill station, beautifully laid out by Cameron Forbes. Beside it the Topsy-like Brit– ish India hill stations at Mussoorie, Gulmarg, and Simla-that "jest growed"-are straggling, casual affairs with no organization or scenic plan other than that endowed by an ever-generous Almighty. Baguio is the summer, rainy season retreat of civil and military Manila. We found this drink there, 7000 feet up, sitting before an open fire at the Country Club, looking out through the windows while the cloud slowly came down and tucked the 18th fairway under its wing. In a tall-stemmed wineglass put 1 tsp of sugar dissolved in a trifle of water; then I dash or so of orange bitters. On top of this place 2 thin slices of green lime-or lemon-3 ice cubes, and then add 2 ponies of Carta de Oro Bacardi. Stir briskly with a bar spoon and serve as-is, with a final dusting of grated nutmeg on top. We consider this one of the finest possible, and find that 1 pair of orange or jasmine blossoms starred in each glass lends the true tropical, the fragrant, touch that guests like. BALAKLAVA SPECIAL No. I, as BREWED for Us by ONE CAPTAIN FERGUSON, SHIPMATE of OURS around the WoRLD in 1926, & LATE of Hrs MAJEsTY's BENGAL LANCERS ONE-TIME STATIONED in the PUNJAB, ' . NORTHERN INDIA This very unusual cocktail is dedicated to the spot made fam.ous by the charge of the Light Brigade which was a spectacular, tragic, a:1d rather unnecessary military gesture. . . . Fill a small-stemmed wrne gobl9t ,brimming full with shaved ic~r very .finely cracked ice. Into this pour I jigger each kiirnmel and cognac. A dash of any red syrup like grenadine is optional and pretty.

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