1948 Ron Daiquiri Coctelera Cocktail Book (Habana, Cuba)

CHAPARRA COCKTAIL No. l. Yz Daiquiri Coctelera Yz Martini Rossi Vermoutb. Yz Teaspoonful Sugar.

1 Lemon Pee! thorough ly squeezed. Do not shake. Strain and serve very cold leaving lemon pee! in glass in the shape of a spiral.

CHAPARRA COCKTAIL No. 2. Use a chilled glass. One part Italian Vermouth.

One part Daiquiri Coctelera Cordon Blanco. One teaspoonful of sugar. The j~ice of one half lemon, pee!. chopp~d Shake m the shaker with well broken ice , stram and serve cold in C'ocktail glass.



One-third Daiquiri Coctelera, one-third French Vennouth, one-third Dubonnet Wine cracked ice. Stir well. '

How to make Cocktails No. 2

Sugar goes in first.

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