1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

? How are ye ... Genial greeting from a genial host . . . and with a handshake the visitor to the Al bany Club is looking into a jovial face . . . Bill Little is the name—mine host at the Al b a ny Club. Host, did we say? " B i l l , " sportsman, raconteur, IS the Al b a ny Club. A s genial and hearty an Ulsterman as ever you met on this side. Bill was in the Motor Business from the age of 12, and started his first Club in 1938 which was a huge success and known all over the world. He purchased the controlling shares in Alma c k ' s Ltd. in 1944, Alma c k ' s being the Proprietors of the Al bany Club. Under Bill's guiding hand the Al bany has become one of the most fashionable spots in London . Leading figures in all walks of life—business—sport—stage—screen and radio—are always to be seen at the American Bar, in the two famous Restaurants, or in the Sportsman's Corner. Wo r l d Champions conduct their broadcasts from the Snooker Room at the Al b a ny and it is there that many big Charity Matches are staged. " There's something different about the atmosphere of the A l b a n y , " said the Proprietor of the " 21 Club " in New Yo r k in an after dinner speech at the Al b a ny a few weeks ago at which he was host, and stated that all his Ame r i c an Members will make the Al bany their headquarters while in London and likewise Members from the Al b a ny the " 21 Club " when they are in New Yo r k .

One of Bill Little's greatest feats was to found the Albany Club Sports Society which has given over £20 , 000 in the last three years to well-known Charities. Bill's greatest hobby is race-horses, several of which he owns, and he is also keen on shooting and golf. Bill attributes his wonderful success to the great co-operation and understanding of all his staff, in whom he takes a great pride. " Off-stage "

G O O D LUCK , BI LL , may the

" Al b a ny " go on forever.


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