1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

Here's a health to all those

Here's to the maiden of

that we love,

bashful fifteen ; Here's to the w i d ow of fifty; Here's to the flaunting, extravagant queen ; An d here's to the housewife that's thrifty. Let the toast pass, Drink to the lass, I'll warrant she'll prove an excuse for the glass. SHERIDAN, The School for Scandal, Act Hi, sc. 3. Here's to the heights of Heaven, Here's to the depths of Hell, Here's to the girl who can have a good time, An d has sense enough not to tell!

Here's a health to all those that love us. Here's a health to all those that love them that love those That love them that love those that love us. UNKNOWN, Here's a Health. Merry met, and merry part, I drink to thee with all my heart. UNKNOWN. Old Cup Inscription. Here's to the ships of our Navy, Here's to the ladies of our land. May the former be well rigged An d the latter be well manned.

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