1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

carbonic acid gas, being unable to escape, will remain in solution in the wine until such time as, the cork being removed, it will have a chance of escaping, either from the bottle or from the glasses into which the wine is poured. In order to appreciate Champagne fully, one should not wait until the end of a long meal during which other wines of a strong character have been drunk. Otherwise, one will discover that the palate is unable to appreciate the subtle qualities of Champagne. Champagne, when g o o d , is undoubtedly better than any other sparkling wine, it costs more and is worth more, but it has ceased to enjoy what was for a long time a monopoly. Methods and devices used for the first time and perfected in the Champagne district may easily be copied and applied elsewhere, but sparkling Champagne owes its unchallenged superiority over all other sparkling wines to characteristics due to purely local conditions, to the soil, climate, aspect and variety of the Champagne vineyards.

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