1948 Shaking with Eddie by Eddie Clarke

EDDIE CLARKE "It's wonderful what JAMAICA RUM will do!"

Eddie should know ! He won the 1947 Bartenders' Guild Competition with his Eight Bells Cocktail— a Jamaica Rum recipe. Jamaica Rum is the coming thing right enough—there's no end to the tantalizing drinks you can mix with this most versatile of spirits. Try it for yourself in the Jamaica Rum recipes in this book. Soon you'll be inventing your own favourites. Sacfs Jamaica Jo- DRINK THE DRINK THB PtRATBS DRANK IN 1661


"RUM EGG PUNCH" Estimated for about 20 guests. Serve in an attractive punch howl with ladle. Pour in : Contents of 12 eggs (already well beaten up) 1 bottle Jamaica Rum 1/2 bottle R.G.B. Brandy 1/2 pint fresh milk or cream Add sugar to taste and stir well. Grate1/2nut-meg on the punch before serving.

FASHIONED" Use a small, heavy nimbler glass. Place in glass 1 lump of sugar, slightly saturated with Angostura Bitters. Crash sugar and Bitters together and add a lump of ice, also a thick slice of orange. Pour into the prepared glass 1 1/2measures of Jamaica Ruin.

"JAMAICA N O G " Pour into a shaker:


1 measure Jamaica Rum 1 tablespoonful Condensed Milk Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with a cherry.

Pour into a wine glass : 1 measure Rum 1 measure Ginger Cordial Stir without ice. (Very warming in the cold weather.)


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