1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)




I wineglass of absinthe Pourwater, dropby drop, until the glass is full. Never use a spoon.


"/irf and Arf" InLondon this drink is made bymixing half porter and half ale. InAmerica it is made by mixing half new and half old ale.

Black Stripe

I wineglass Santa Cruz rum I tablespoon of molasses

This drink can be made in either summer or winter. If in the former season, mix in one tablespoon of water, and cool with shaved ice; if in the latter, fill up the tumbler with boiling water. Grate a little nutmeg on top.

Black Velvet

Vz champagne (chilled) Vz stout (ice cold) Pour together slowly in 14-ounce Collins glass. [ 39 ]

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