1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

The BonVivant's Companion

fancy drinks

Jamaica Collins

Va jigger lime juice Ya jigger simple syrup I jigger Jamaica rum Ice well, fiU tall glass with soda, stir briskly. A "cooler" for all occasions. I jigger Jamaica rum I lime I teaspoon sugar 6 dashes Angostura bitters Lots of shaved ice Churn with swizzle stick 'till frosty, strain and serve.

Jamaica Sivizzle

Jersey Sunset Into a straight champagne glass put a scant teaspoonful of sugar with enoughwater to dissolve. Add a twist of lemonor limepeel and half a whiskey glass of fine old Monmouth applejack. Now put in enough broken ice to cool, fill with water, and finish with a dashor two of Angostura bitters, which should not be stirred in, but be allowed to drop slowly through the amber mixture, im parting to it the sunset hues which probably suggested its name. In winter, instead of ice, hot water is used, making a most genial drinkā€”A Hot Sunset.

May toe have more and more friends, and need them less and less.

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