1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)


ThcBonVivant's Companion

Fred A. Muschenheim^s Contribution to long summer drinks 54 jigger Holland gin Yi jigger blackberry brandy I lime Fizz water

Fred Muschenheim''s Special

I jigger of benedictine 1 jigger of Scotch 2 jiggers of ginger ale Serve in high-ball glass with cracked ice.

Peach and Honey

I tablespoon of honey I wineglass of peach brandy Stir with a spoon.

Sherry and Bitters

I dash of bitters I wineglass of sherry

Sherry and Egg

egg wineglass of sherry

May the chicken never be hatched that will scratch on your grave.


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