1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

The BonVivant's Companion

fancy drinks

Bowl of Eggnog

I pound sugar ID eggs (yolks should be separated) Beat yolks with sugar until dissolved Pottr in I pint Martell brandy I wineglass Jamaica rum 3 quarts rich mUk

Mix ingredients well with a ladle and stir continually while pouring in milk, to prevent curdling. Then beat whites of eggs and put on top of mixture. Serve.

General Harrison''s Eggnog Use large bar glass

I egg 1Yz teaspoonfuls of sugar 2 or 3 small lumps of ice

Fill tumblerwith cider and shake well. This is a splendid drink and very popular on the Mississippi River. It was General Harri son's favorite beverage.

Laugh at all things, great and small things, Sick or ivell, at sea or shore; While loeWe quaffing, let's keep laughing; Who the devil cares for more ?

Happy are ive met. Happy have we been. Happy may we part, and happy meet again. [ 53 ]

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