1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

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The BonVivant's Companion

^um Flip Rum Flip, which Dibdin has immortalizedas the favorite bever age of sailors (although we beheve they seldom indulge in it), is made by adding a gill of rum to the beer, or substituting rum and water when malt liquor cannot be procured. The essential in "Flips" of all sorts is to produce smoothness by repeated pouring back and forth between two vessels, and by beating up the eggs well in the first instance; the sweeteningand spices are according Kum Flip Another method Keep grated ginger and nutmeg, with a httle fine dried lemon peel, rubbed together in a mortar. To make a quart of Flip: Put the ale on the fire to warm, and beat up three or four eggs with four ounces of moist sugar, a tea- spoonful of grated nutmeg or ginger, and a gill of good old rum or brandy. When the ale is nearly boiling, put it into one pitcher, and the rum and eggs, etc., into another, and turn it from one pitcher to another till it is as smooth as cream. to taste.

Here's to women, present and past, And those to come hereafter. But if one comes here after me. We'll have no cause for laughter.

r tiNSELFiSH FRIENDSHIP: May wc ever be able to serve a friend; and noble enough to conceal it. [60]

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