1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)


The BoiiVivant's Companion

Pineapple Julep For a party of five

Peel, slice, and cut up a ripe pineapple into a glass bowl; add the juice of two oranges, agill of raspberry syrup, agill ofmaras chino, a gill of old gin, a bottle of sparkling Moselle, and about a pound ofpure ice inshaves; mix, ornament with berries inseason, and serve in flat glasses. Whiskey Julep The whiskey julep ismade same as the mint julep, omitting all fruits and berries.


Mulled Wine

"First, my dear madam, you must take Nine eggs, which carefully you'll break— Into a bowl you'll drop the white. The yolks into another by it. Let Betty beat the whites with switch. Till they appear quite frothed and rich— Another hand the yolks must beat With sugar, which will make them sweet; Three or four spoonfuls maybe'll do. Though some, perhaps, would take but two. Into a skillet next you'll pour A bottle of good wine, or more— [64]

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