1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)


The BonVivant's Companion

Claret Cup or Mulled Claret Peel one lemon fine, add to it somewhite powdered sugar; pour over it one glass of sherry, then add a bottle of claret, and sugar to taste; add a sprig of verbena, one bottle of sodawater, and nutmeg, if you like it. For cup, strain and ice it well. For mull, heat it and serve hot.

Claret and Champagne Cup a la Bruno

The following claretandchampagne ought, fromitsexcellence, to be called the Nectar of the Czar, as it is so highly appreciated in Russia, where for many years it enjoyed a high reputation among the aristocracy of the Muscovite Empire. Proportions;

3 bottles of claret % pint of curacao 1 pint of sherry pint of brandy

2 wineglasses ratafia* of raspberries 3 oranges and i lemon, cut in slices Some sprigs of green balm and of borage, and a small piece of rind of cucumber 2 bottles of German seltzer water 2 bottles of soda water

Stirthis together, and sweeten withcapillaire or pounded sugar *Every liqueur made by infusion iscalled ratafia, that iswhen the spirit is made to imbibe thoroughly the aromatic flavor and color of the fruit steeped in it.When this has takenplace the liqueur is drawn off and sugar added to it; it is then filtered and bottled. [70]

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