1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

The BonVivant's Companion

fancy drinks

Punch Grassot

1 wineglass of brandy 5 drops of curacao 1 drop of acetic acid 2 teaspoonfuls of simple syrup I teaspoonful of syrup of strawberries 54 pint of water Peel of a small lemon, sliced Mix, serve with ice in large goblet, and, if possible, garnish the top with aslice of peach or apricot. In cold weather this punch is


admirable served hot.

Rocky Mountain Punch For party of twenty

5 bottles of champagne I quart of Jamaica rum I pint of maraschino 6 lemons, sliced Sugar to taste

Mix the aboveingredientsin a large punch bowl; place in center of bowl a largesquare block of ice, ornamented on top with rock candy, loaf sugar, shced lemons or oranges and fruits in season. This is a splendid punch for New Year's Day.

Here's to the merry old world And the days—be they bright or blue; Here's to the Fates; let them bring what they may. But the best of them all, that's you. [87]



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