1948 The Bon Vivant's Companion by George A Zabriskie (2nd edition)

The BonVivant's Companion


Brandy Scaffa Use sherry glass

Vz jigger raspberry syrup Vz jigger maraschino jigger green Chartreuse Top off with brandy, and serve like Pousse-Cafe.

Gin Rickey

I piece of ice in glass Juice of Yz lime Drop squeezed lime into glass I jigger Gordon gin Fill glass with fizz water, stir with spoon, and serve.


Brandy Shrub To the thin rinds of two lemons, and the juice of five, add two quarts of brandy; cover it for three days, then add a quart of sherry and two pounds of loaf sugar;, run it through a jelly bag, and bottle it.

OUR ABSENT FRIENDS: Although out of sight, we recognize them with our glasses. [ 91 ]

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