1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie


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\y Some Reminiscences by Eddie

Cocktails are definitely coming into vogue again, after the somewhat hard-to-get ingredient years following the last World War. Therefore, I feel the time is appropriate to offer a few hints to the host or hostess, who is planning one of those little parties at home which are always good fun. The biggest trouble is always to find a good excuse for such an occasion. Also beginners in my own profession may find a few reminders of some assistance. One vital point to remember is that a good cocktail makes a success of your party, despite the gloomiest guest, and to the " Man-behind-the-Bar" it. is a sure foundation to better business. Before we commence to concoct this pleasant way to success we must be, as in all things, properly equipped. As with all skilled trades the best work is done with the right tools, and I suggest the minimum requirements are as follows: — WHAT THE WELL-DRESSED BAR SHOULD WEAR — At least 2 Cocktail Shakers (one for blends which include highly flavoured ingredients, and the other for the lighter types). 1 Boston Shaker for mixing noggs, flips and sours, etc., which require more extensive shaking and therefore more shaking space. 1 Mixing Glass, for stirring clear drinks, i.e. Martinis, Manhattans, etc. 6 Bar Spoons. Always ensure that these long-type spoons have a small disc at the end of the handle for use as a muddler, just in case you cannot obtain the real thing. 2 Strainers, special bar type, handled and wire rimmed. 4 Bitter Bottles with sprinkler tops; one for each of the following bitters: angostura, orange, peach and absinthe. Fruit knife and board; corkscrew; bottle openers; a funnel; cherry sticks; drinking straws; swizzle sticks; ice pick; ice shaver, ice bowl and tongs; fruit squeezer, and glass stirrers. Also always have a tray handy.


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