1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

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Aperitifs The French name for a drink, which intends to sharpen one's appetite. Mostly short, dry, and fairly mild. Cobbler A summer drink made of iced wines or spirits, with fruit juices and liqueurs, served in a fairly large wine goblet glass, containing crushed ice and decorated with fresh fruit. Cocktails A short, ice-cold, perfectly blended drink. Flavoursome without any ingredient predominant. The drier variety come under the Aperitifs. They will, being stronger, respond more quickly to the sound of the dinner gong. The sweeter type of cocktail may be drunk after meals, as well as before. They will mostly contain liqueurs which have excellent digestive qualities. Collins A tall iced drink, containing spirits, sugar and lemon or lime juice. Served in a glass of about 14 oz. Very refresh ing drink at any time, especially after a heavy night before. Cordials Correct name which embodies all liqueurs and other sweetened aromatic spirits. Crustas Served in a frosted sugar rimmed glass, fairly tall (about a 6 oz. glass). Drink is well shaken with ice, and containing spirits, liqueurs and fruit juices. Caps ^ beverage of wines, flavoured with liqueurs and fruits, usually served in a punch bowl or pitchers, well iced and garnished with fruit. Daisies Another name for the Highball type of drmk. usually served in a tumbler with spirits, sugar or Grenadine, fruit juices and soda water. Egg Nogfrs ^ nourishing morning drink, especially if breakfast has been hard to take. Contains egg, milk, spirit, sugar and nutmeg. fixes Concentrated "Daisies," with less liquid and more body.


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