1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie





If you still think that all fruit

squashes are "much of a muchness taste IDRIS! None of that sharp, acid tang ... no "synthetic" after-taste. Instead—a richness . . . a smoothness ... an utterly different something that makes a second glass irresistible!

What^s the secret? We're not telling! But it lies some where in the skilful blending of the finest fruit juices that money can buy—with lots of pure cane sugar. There's nothing so refreshing, nothing so brim-full of sunshine and goodness . . . nothing else with the deliciously different Idris flavour. Don't delay—buy TODAY and TREAT THE FAMILY TO IDRIS SQUASH ORANGE • LEMON • LIME • GRAPEFRUIT • 3/- BOTTLE Writeor *phone for the address of your nearest stockist to: IDRIS Ltd., Pratt St., London, N.W,I Telephone: EVSTON 1122


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