1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

HORSE'S NECK Cut a whole lemon peel in spiral fashion. Take a large tumbler and drape one end of the peel over the rim of the glass. Anchor the other end to the bottom with a large piece of ice. Add: 1 good measure of Brandy Fill glass with Ginger Ale A dash of Angostura may be added if desired. (Note.—In America this is known as a " Stiff Horse's Neck." In fact, under this name, any spirit may be used —their " Horse's Neck " does not contain alcohol.) NEGRONI 1 measure Campari I measure Sweet Vermouth 1 measure Gin Slice of Orange or Lemon Fill with soda. Goblet glass. prespreterian I measure of Rye Whisky Dash of Angostura Fill with i ginger ale and \ soda. Large piece of ice. Serve in a tall glass.

MOSCOW MULE Large tumbler, ice, measure of Vodka, fill with Ginger Beer, add dash of Lime or fresh Lemon Juice.


1 measure of fresh Lime or Lemon 1^ measures Brandy 1^ measures Port Fill glass with ice and soda. Large glass.


Place in a half-pint tankard a large piece of ice, a slice of lemon and a strip of cucum ber rind. (If a sprig of borage herb is available, it is prefer able to the cucumber rind.) Pour in a measure of Pimms, fill tankard three- quarters full with lemonade, add dash of siphon soda, and another measure of Pimms. Stir and serve. (Note. — Contents of a bottle of Pimms is enough to make seven pints of cup). Pimms— No. 1 is Gin based.

COKii NhGH I measure of Rye Whisky in small tub glass, ice slice of orange, fill with Coca-Cola.

No. 2 is Whisky based. No. 3 is Brandy based. No. 4 is Rum based.


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