1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Arrack (Dutch Indies and British East Indies—very strong spirit) Distilled from rice and also from many other things, including sugarcane and juice from the palms. In fact, the natives distil it from anything. Aurutn (Italian Liqueur) Orange flavoured, very delicate taste, and a pale gold in colour. Bacardi (Cuban Rum) Popular for cocktails, has only a slight aroma of Rum. Can be obtained darkish in colour, and colourless. Benedictine (Normandy Liqueur, made originally by the Monks of Benedictine at Fecamp) Yellow in colour, very sweet and very aromatic. Blackberry Brandy A cordial, very dark in colour, com pounded from Brandy, crushed blackberries and sugar. Bourbon (American Whisky) First distilled in Kentucky from a fermentation of maize. Brandy A spirit distilled from the fermented juice of fresh grapes. Byrrh (French Aperitif Wine) Red Wine flavoured with quinine and fortified with Brandy. Calvados —See Apple Jack. Cassis (French-named Cordial) Made from blackcurrants. Brandy and sugar. Strong flavour of the blackcurrants and very dark in colour. Campari (Italian Bitters) Red in colour, with a distinct flavour of its own. Very bitter. Extract of capsicum and other herbs. Caloric Punch (Scandinavian Liqueur) With a foundation of Rum and syrups. Champagne (Champagne Province of France—Sparkling Wine) Only Sparkling Wine made within this restricted pro vince can be called Champagne. (See article on Champagne.) Champagne, Pine Name given to some Cognac Brandies, with the intention to convey the fact that it is a good quality Brandy.


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