1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Chartreuse (Spanish Liqueur) Originally made by the Monks of the Carthusian Order, near Grenoble, France. Made in two colours, yellow and green. Cherry Brandy (English Liqueur and made elsewhere) Made from the juices of ripe cherries, fermented with some crushed cherry stones. Claret (French Bordeaux Wine) The name given to all Red Wines from the Bordeaux district. Cointreau (French Liqueur) Orange flavoured and colourless. Cognac (French Brandy) Brandy distilled from wine in the Cognac district of France. Cordial Medoc (French Liqueur) Sweet aromatised wine type of Liqueur, red in colour, with a basis of Brandy. Crente de Ananas (French Liqueur) Very sweet, flavoured with pineapple. Crerne de Bananes (French Liqueur) Rich yellow in colour, very sweet, flavoured with bananas. Creme de Cacao (French Liqueur) Dark chocolate in colour, very sweet, flavoured with chocolate and vanilla. Creme de Cassis (French Liqueur) Sweet, dark Liqueur made from blackcurrants. Creme dc Praises (French Liqueur) Flavoured with straw berries and strawberry coloured. Creme dc Framhoises (French Liqueur) Flavoured with raspberries and raspberry in colour. Creme de Mentlic (French Liqueur) Flavoured with fresh mint, rich green in colour, very good digestive properties. Can also be obtained pure white in colour. Creme de Moka (French Liqueur) Light brown in colour, flavoured with coffee. Creme de Noyanx (French Liqueur) Very sweet, flavoured with almonds. Can be obtained in colours of pink and white. Creme de Vanille (French Liqueur) Very sweet, vanilla flavoured, and reddish in colour. Creme de Pecco (Dutch Liqueur) Not too sweet, colourless, with a tea flavour.


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