1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Cremo de Rose (French Liqueur) Pinkish in colour, flavoured with oil of rose petals and vanilla. Creme de Violette (French Liqueur) A sweet Liqueur, flavoured and the colour of violets. Creme V-cette (American Liqueur) A sweet, highly alcoholic Liqueur with the flavour, colour and scent of parma violets. Ci^ocoo (Dutch Liqueur) Originally made from green Curasao oranges, and fortified with Brandy. Now, various types of oranges are used. Sweet, digestive Liqueur, in colours of orange, white, red, blue and green. Drambuie (Scotch Liqueur) Made from Scotch Whisky and hone)', golden in colour. Elixir D'Anvers (Similar to Goldwasser.) Dubomzet (French Aperitif Wine) Reddish Wine, with a rather bitter quinine after-taste. Fernet Branca (Italian Aperitif Wine) Is used mostly as a Bitters. Made from herbs, etc. Has wonderful digestive properties. Forbidden Fruti (American Liqueur) Orange in colour, highly alcoholic. The flavour a mixture of grapefruit and orange. Freezmnmt (French Liqueur) See Creme de Menthe. This is the white variety. (English and elsewhere Spirit) A potable grain Spirit, a.nd flavoured with juniper berries. Goldwasser (Danzig Liqueur) Practically colourless sweet Liqueur, flavoured with aniseed, orange, cinnamon, herbs and spices. Outstanding feature is that a shake of the bottle will reveal all the small particles of gold leaf contained in the Liqueur. Grand Marnier (French Liqueur) Orange flavoured, golden in colour, fairly sweet, with a Brandy base. Grenadine Non-alcoholic, deep red in colour, thick red syrup. Usually made or flavoured with pomegranates. Kirsk (Germany and elsewhere. Liqueur) Distilled from the fermented juice of cherries—mostly the wild type, which grow in the Black Forest. The Liqueur is colourless.


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