1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Kiimmel (Liqueur) Is from Holland, Riga and Germany. Distilled from grain, flavoured with caraway seeds and cumin. Colourless. Lillet (French Aperitif Wine) Pale yellow in colour, quinine flavour, is a basis of White Wine, fortified with Brandy. Mandarine (French Liqueur) Golden in colour, sweet, and flavour of tangerines. Maraschir.o (Dalmatian Liqueur) Colourless, made from the fermented juice of the marasca cherry. Very sweet. Orange Bitters Popular bitters for Cocktails, etc. Golden in colour. Made from the bitter peel of special oranges. Orgeat Non-alcoholic, thick colourless syrup, with flavour of almonds. Parfait Amour (French Liqueur) Very sweet Liqueur, of a violet colour. Peach Bitters Bitters made from an extract of peach kernels. Peach Brandy (French Liqueur) Tawny-golden in colour, with the flavour of peaches and fortified with Brandy. Pernod Named after the firm of Pernod. Since Absinthe was prohibited for sale in France and other countries, an aperitif which has aniseed as its basis has become its successor. Prtmellc (French Liqueur) A Liqueur green in colour, flavoured with plums and fortified with Brandy. Rum Spirit distilled from molasses or sugarcane. Many various types and colours. Rye Whisky Spirit distilled from grain, mostly rye. Sake' (Japanese, Wine-type) Made from rice, colourless. Scotch Whirhy (Scotland, Spirit) Most popular of grain Spirits. Distilled from barley and malt. Slivovitz (Hungary, Spirit) Distilled from plums. Strega (Italian Liqueur) Golden in colour, not too sweet. Slight flavour of orange. Tequila (Mexican Spirit) Very potent Spirit, distilled from the cactus. Flavour entirely of its own.


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