1954 King Cocktail Shake Again with Eddie

Tia Maria (Jamaican Liqueur) Rum Based, flavoured with Blue Mountain Coffee - fairly sweet and coffee coloured. Van Der Htan (South African Liqueur) Sweet Liqueur, made from Cape Brandy, and flavoured with tangerines and other herbs. • Most popular Liqueur. Vermouth A White Wine flavoured with aromatic herbs and other ingredients. Can be obtained in sweet or dry form. Vielle Cure (French Liqueur) Basis of Brandy, highly aromatic—similar to Benedictine.

Vodka (Russian Spirit) DistiUed from grain Colourless and very potent. Hardly any taste.

or potato.

Zubrowka A Vodka gi-een in colour, made so by inserting the herb zubrowka, which also gives the spirit an almond flavour.

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