1835 Oxford night caps (3rd edition)


SPICED PUNCH. Boil a s mall quantity of each sort of s pice in h alf a pint of water, until it is re– duced one half; add it to the in gredi e nts which compose the O xfo rd Punch, and grate a whole nutmeg into it. Spiced Punch, if bottled off aR soon as it is cold with the spice in it, w ill keep good severai d ays. Green tea is th e basis of this Punch; and although Tea Punch is seldom made in Oxford, it neverth eless has been mu ch esteemed Ly those who have partaken of it. lt is invari a bly drank hot. It is made pre– cisely in the same way as the O xford Punch, exceptin g· that the j i:: ll y is om itted and green tea s uppli es the pl ace of water. ' TEA PUNCH.


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