1847 Oxford night caps (4th edition)


made with half the quantity of spirituous liquor^ and placed in an ice tub for a short time, is a pleasant summer beverage. In making this Punch, limes are sometimes used instead of lemons, but they are by no means so wholesome h . NOYEAU PUNCH. Mix three wine glasses of Noyeau with ihe Oxford Punch. Noyeau is dangerous, when drank in any quan- tity, as it contains hydrocyanic acid; there- fore more than the quantity specified ought not to be used. SPICED PUNCH. Boil a small quantity of each sort of spice in half a pint of water, until it is reduced one half; add it to the ingredients which compose the Oxford Punch, and grate a whole nutmeg h Arbuthnot, in his work on aliments, says, " the West India dry gripes are occasioned by lime juice in Punch."

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