1847 Oxford night caps (4th edition)


into it. Spiced Punch, if bottled off as soon as it is cold, with the spice in it, will keep good

several days.

TEA PUNCH. Green tea is the basis of this Punch ; and although Tea Punch is seldom made in Oxford, it nevertheless has been much esteemed by those who have partaken of it. It is invariably drank hot. It is made precisely in the same way as the Oxford Punch, excepting that the jelly is omitted, and green tea supplies the place GIN PUNCH. The same as Oxford Punch, only omit the rum, brandy, and shrub, and substitute two bottles of gin, of water.


Substitute port wine for while, and red cur-

in other respects

rant jelly for calves-feet jelly ;

the same as Oxford Punch.

If drank in the

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