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43. Bocky Mountain Punch. (For a mixed party oftwenty.) (From a recipe in tho poisession ofMajor James Foster.) This delicious punch is compounded as foUcws:

6 bottles ofchampagne. 1 quart ofJamaica rum. 1 pintof maraschino.


• •;

6 lemons, sliced. Sugar to taste.

IVTiY the above ingredients in a large punch-bowl,then place in the centre ofthe bowl a large square block ofice, ornamented on top with rock candy, loaf-sugar, sliced lemons or oranges,and fruits in season. This is a splendid punch for New Tear's Day.

44. Punch Grassot.

/The following rccipo wm giron hy hL Orossot,ll.o eminent French comedian of the i'ataia iZoyat, to Mr. Howard Paol,the celebrated "Entertainer," when per forming In Paris.)

1 wine-glass of brandy. 6 drops of Cura9oa. 1 do. acetic acid. 2 teaspoonfuls ofsimple syrup. 1 teaspoonful ofsyrup ofstrawberries. jofa pint of water. The peel of a small lemon, sliced.

Mix,serve up with ice, in large goblet, and,if possible, tarnish the top with a slice of peach or apricot. In cold weather this punch is admirable served hot.

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