1862 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 1$50.pdf



207. Hot Spiced Hum.

(Use small bar glass.)

1 teasjioonful of sugar. 1 ivine-glass of Jamaica rum.

1 teasjDoonful of mixecl spices,(allspice and cloves.) 1 piece of butter as large as half of a chestnut. Fill tumbler with hot water.

208. Hot Rum.

(Uso small bar glass.)

This drink is made the same as the hotspiced rum,omit- ting the spices, and grating a little nutmeg on top.

209. Stone Fence.

(Use large bar glass.)

1 wine-glass of wliiskey (Bourbon). 2 or 3 small lumps of ice. Fill up the glass with sweet cider.

210. Absinthe. (Uao small bar glass.)

1 wine-glass of absinthe. Pour water,drop by drop,untU the glass is full. Never use a spoon.

211. Rhine "Wine and Seltzer-Water.

(Use large bar glass.) Fill large bar glass half full with Rliine wine, and fill balance ^vith Seltzer-water. This is a German drink, and i:i not very liltely to be called for at an American bar.

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