1862 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 1$50.pdf



212. "Arf and Arf."

(Ubolargo bar glass.)

In London tlis drink is made by mixing half porter and half ale, in America it is made by mixing half new and half old ale.

213. Brandy Straight.

(Dse small bar glass.)

In serving this drink you simply j)ut a piece of ice in a tumbler, and hand to your customer, with the bottle of brandy. This is very safe for a steady drink,butthough a straight beverage,it is often used on a bender.

214. Gin Straight.

(TJse small bar glass,)

Same as brandy straight, substituting gin for brandy.

215. Pony Brandy.

(Dae pony-glass.)


Fill the pony-glass with (Sasarac) best brandy, and hand it to your customer.

216. Brandy and Soda.

(Sometimes called Stone"Wall.)

.(Use large bar glass.)

1 wine-glass of Cognac brandy. 1 glass of fine ice. Fill up with plain soda, 4*

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