1862 The Bartender's Guide price $2,50 by Jerry Thomas



115. Soda Cockiail.

(Cae large bar glass.)

The same as J ersey cocktail, using soda-water instead of cider.

116. Brandy Crnsta.

(Use small bar glass.)

Crusta is made the same as a fjiDcy cocktail, with a little lemon juice and a small lump of ice added. First, mix the ingredients in a small tumbler, then take a fancy red wine-glass, rub a sliced lemon around the rim of the same, and dip it in pulverized white sugar, so that the sugar will adhere to the edge of the glass. Pare half a lemon the same as you would an apple (all in one piece) so that the paring will fit in the wine-glass, as shown in the cut, and strain the crusta from the tumbler into it. Then smile.

117. Whiskey Crasta.*

(Use small bar glass.)

made the same as the brandy

The whiskey crusta is

crusta, using whiskey instead of brandy.

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