1862 The Bartender's Guide price $2,50 by Jerry Thomas



144. FLIP, NEGUS AND SHRUB Bum Flip. — Which Dibdin has immortalized as the fixvorite beverage of sailors (although we believe they seldom indulge in it) — is made by adding a gill of rum to the beer, or sub- stituting rum and water, when malt liquor cannot be pro- cured. The essential in "flips" of all sorts is, to pro- duce the smoothness by repeated pouring back and for ward between two vessels, and beating up the eggs well in the first instance ; the sweetening and spices according to taste. 145. Keep grated ginger and nutmeg with a little*fine dried lemon peel, rubbed together in a mortar. To make a quart of flip : — Put the ale on the fire to warm, and beat up three or four eggs with four ounces of moist sugar, a teaspoonful of grated nutmeg or ginger, and a gill of good old rum or brandy. When the ale is near to boil, put it into one pitcher, and the rum and eggs,

147. Ale Flip.

Put on the fire in a saucepan one quart of ale, and let it boil ; have ready the whites of two eggs and the yolks of four, well beaten up separately ; add them by degrees

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