1869 Cooling Cups and Dainty drinks by William Terrington


American Sensations.

1 oz. of honey, 1 drop of essence of cinnamon, 3 drops essence of cloves, and gill of Curacjoa ; when well frothed, add the hot wine ; drink hot, and it will drive away care. Hot Egg-nogg, or “ Avid Mans Milk.” — Heat a pint of Scotch ale ; add while warming J oz. bruised cinnamon, ^ oz. grated nutmeg, J oz. pow- dered ginger ; beat up the yolks of 2 eggs with a little brown sugar; pour in the ale gradually; when well amalgamated, add glass of whisky. Baltimore Egg-nogg. — Beat up the yolks of 3 eggs, and 1 of a nutmeg grated, with 2 oz. of pounded sugar, to the consistence of cream ; add, pouring in cpiietly the while, 1 gill of brandy or rum, and glass of Marsala or brown sherry ; add the whites of the eggs (well beaten to a good froth), and, when well incorporated, gill of cream and pint of milk. This is not a warm drink, and — Beat up the yolk of 1 egg with a tablespoonful of cold water and same of pounded white sugar ; add 1 gill of sherry or 4 gill brandy, ditto of rum, 3- pint good milk ; mix together ; add £ pint shaven (or pulverized) ice. General Harrison's Egg-nogg. — 1 egg, 1 tea- is easily digestible ; it forms a nourishing dietetic beverage for debilitated persons. Iced Egg-nogg.

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