1869 Cooling Cups and Dainty drinks by William Terrington


Pouches a la Bomaine.

i gill essence of Angelica, and 8 pints of good gin ; pint calves-foot jelly ; sweeten to taste ; dilute, when required for use, with liquor. Gin Punch a la Fuller. — Pint of Kentish cherry- juice, 1 drop essence of bitter almonds, 2 pints of good unsweetened gin ; mix ; sweeten to taste ; add water or shaven ice if required. Whisky Punch a la Taylor. — The oleo-saccha- rum of 1 Seville or Mandarin orange, 1 tablespoonful of tamarinds, ^ pint of lemon-juice, and 1 pint of whisky ; strain clear ; add boiling water and sugar

to taste.

— Juice and peel of 1 lemon in

Whisky Punch.

pint of whisky, sweetened to taste ;

water ad


Whisky Punch ci la Barrett. —

1 pint of whisky,

teaspoon ful of guava or apple jelly, -J- boiling water. Ponche ci la Bomaine, ci la Stewart. — Pint of orange-juice (sweetened), bottle of sparkling Moselle, i gill of rum, whites of 3 or 4 eggs, according to size, whisked into a stiff froth ; mix in freezing-- pot, using the spatula well ; when frozen, serve in coloured glasses. Ponche a la Bomaine, a la Brunning. — Quart of lemon water ice ; add teaspoon ful of essence of pint of

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