1869 Cooling Cups and Dainty drinks by William Terrington


Pouches a la Pomaine.

ginger; the frothed whites of 4 eggs, with .3 oz. of sugar (powdered) ; put in freezing-pot ; add, while working, wine-glass of rum, and two of sherry or champagne ; serve as given. Ponche a la Ptomaine, a la Montrose. — Quart of cherry- water ice, bottle of Moselle, wine-glass

noyeau, wine-glass of





; work till well frozen ;

add 5 whites of eggs of


Italian meringue paste ;

serve in coloured glasses.

— Pint of

Ponche a la Pomaine, a la Jones.

noyeau ice pint of orange wine ; 4 whites of eggs, beaten up in a froth, with 4 oz. pounded sugar ; freeze and serve. Ponche a la Pomaine, a la Hastings. — Quart of pine-apple ice ; clear lemon-juice, to taste ; bottle of sparkling Moselle or Champagne, wine-glass of Chartreuse, ditto of peach brandy, whites of 6 eggs, beaten up with 6 oz. pounded sugar. Ponche a la Pomaine, a la Hall. — 1 pint pine- apple syrup, 2 drops essence of orange-peel, 1 drop of ambergris, pint of dry sherry, pint of cider, 4 whites of eggs of Italian meringue paste ; while freezing, add pint of rum ; if too stiff, thin with cider ; serve in coloured glasses. Ponche a la Pomaine, a la Jeanes. — 1 quart lemon ice, whites of 3 eggs, 3 oz. powdered sugar, ; gill of Cura^oa ;

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