1869 Cooling Cups and Dainty drinks by William Terrington


la Bomaine.



1 glass Cognac brandy, 1 glass best rum, 4-


stir the lemon

champagne, 2 glasses dry sherry ;

ice in a basin ; add the frothed whites, beaten up into a stiff paste, with the pounded sugar; mix the spirit and wine ; freeze in freezing-pot, and serve in coloured glasses. Ponche a la Bomaine, ci la Somerset . — Quart of lemon-water ice, pint of Amontillado, liqueur- glass of Chai’treuse, bottle of Champagne, frothed whites of 4 eggs, 4 oz. of sugar. Proceed as shown in previous formula. Ponche ci la Bomaine, ci la Beid . — Quart of lemon-water ice, gill of rum, pint of Chablis, the whisked whites of 4 eggs, with 4 oz. powdered sugar; freeze by the usual method.

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