1876 How to Mix Drinks or the Bon-Vivant's Companion 2$50 by Jerry Thomas


EECIPES FOE TEN GALLONS EACH. Distil the 47i jDints of alcohol from off the water, au(9 mix the 47^ pints flavored alcohol with 32l pints of fine white plain syrup. (See No. 7.) Filter if necessary. Color white.

36. Arrack.

214 pints offine Batavia arracL 68§- do. pm-e 4th proof rice spirit. ■J ounce oil of cocoa nuts. Filter. Color white.

37. Beaume Htimain, (Balsam of Man.)

23 drops of oil of roses. 54 do.

do. cinnamon.

162 do. 54 do.

do, cedrat.

do. mace. Dissolved in 27 pints of alcohol, 95 per cent., then add £3 pints of fine white plain syrup. (See No. 7.) Filter. Color white. 38. Bishop. 100 grains of ground nutmegs. 60 do. do. white pepper. IJ ounce of cardamom seed. IJ do. mace. 20 pints of syrup (plain white, see No, 7). 60 do. claret ndne. Mixed and boiled together for 1minute. Filtered. 39. Bishop Extract. 10| lbs. of ground orange peel. 24 do. cinnamon. 2^ do. cardamom. 10 gallons of alcohol, 95 per cent.

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